Monday, November 21, 2016

~Knew World Order~

United Spiritual Alignment U.S.A. :

The application and implication of this process undergoing as this memo

Is being broadcast far and wide throughout the earth consciousness.

Encouragement to help fellow humans along with this process from the helpers and fellow humans.

Those doing their duty and serving higher purpose will be rewarded heavily and this will

play into ones ranking as the knew consciousness becomes implemented.

Fraction(lies)ed groups that promote cloned identities and ideals of separation will be dismantled

resistance and attempts to separate will be futile. For the union of life whole and of all the living not one

person on this planet above or below this awakening. Free will still be so and choices of the individual still exist as their own.

As more awakening (as the movement progressive and all encompassing…) occurs those that resist will receive more an more

of their own suffering in accordance to their own chosen resistance to their own selves highest purpose as a spiritual being.

This broadcast intentions are of help and encouragement to those that receive it consciously or verbally or through written word.

If you do receive such and this brought to your reality then the message for you and peace will ensue upon you as you take the

steps necessary to raise to your higher self purpose. Guidance and love with you upon your journey. If at any time you feel struggle

or frustration ask for help within your consciousness and be willing to receive the guidance you need. The guidance and support will come to you.

We are not alone we are one and our strength our union that we share.

Much strength to you as you witness your personal awakening and take on the task of undoing and unlearning of what was never so.

Peace and love your highest power and your birthright. Embrace the powerful you!

Sincerely, Louis J. Auslander ~ receiver and sender of information

© Louis J. Auslander 11/21/16

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