Game on!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Visited my old Love hockey yesterday. Played some floor hockey. Oh it’s been awhile….

I’m known for my highway/freeway miles now as a long distance runner. So was neat to get to the stop and go running in traffic sort of ways again.

I glistened and shined in this areana decades ago with my slick moves and sudden burst as I deked and left defenses and goalies stumbling and looking silly. So there was not much of that and defensively I made a few errors. Kicked in a goal for the other team. Doh! Off passes turned into goals for other team. Eek! I scored a few and had few assist as well for our team. So I was scoring for both teams at times as I was gathering my old skills from the archives in my muscle memories.

Was a close scrimage as the lead we carried for most of the later two periods of the game had been over turned and we were down by one with little time left like min.’s. And then… it happen like it did years ago it slowed down and in the mist of chaos I was smooth I was slick and I were the grace and beauty as I out deked two and drove it to the net and scored. I said “Now it’s coming back to me” “Took sometime but now it’s coming back to me”. So now tied and not much time at all left a pass to the point and the def. guy on my team drives one in. Game over we win!

Out of the chaos and crazy action came the calm that out does that action every time if you can catch the groove and beauty of this calm and love you can see time slow down and all you have to do would be follow your path and shoot … and score. It that simple. It a mind set. I remebered that set. Goals will be achieved with love and calm despite the chaos that may be around you. Nothing can stop you when you are of the love …Nothing! I’ll consider this a valentines treat to me a memorance of the beauty, grace, calm and love that always there when we choose to embrace it! <3

© Louis J. Auslander 2/16/17

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