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When they came to pick him apart he was not home.

They picked at nothing. They tried and searched as they wanted him but he was not there.

Where’s he at they asked? They looked and looked and could not find him.

Until they looked in the mirror and there he was. He was already there part of all of them.

They were in awe for the home he had found was in them as all was one and one was all.

Now they need look no more and had no reason to want to pick him apart.

Now they understood him and with that they were in love.

In love they had now found the love that inside of them and their true home.

There was no searching no more .

There was no one they wanted to pick apart.

There was no one that was not the one with them.

From that day forward they shared the love …

And anyone that wanted to tear them apart …

Would be met with love inside them …

And this is how the world that was once lost was One…

© Louis J. Auslander 3/25/17

Alone is a lie but sometimes I like to pretend I’m there.

Hidden perfectly separated from all that is.

Loneliness was never as overwhelming as the connections I feel with all of life.

Some did drugs to not feel lonely I did drinking/substance and such to embrace the delusion of loneliness.

This all seems behind me now. But so much time was spent running, running away…

From what?

From Me?

Who else could I have been running from?

Everyone else?

Oh the man is an island delusion I drank to that more than once.

What a show it was the great 2 decade drunken dance and romance of my own mind show that I played for me.

I had all the moves and whatever I wanted and the hero always prevailed.

Many of jams the hero got into many of adventures he went on …

and much pain he went through but he always prevailed…

The adventure now on a higher plane on a sober plane an dealing with …

reality can be tough and loneliness seems true at times for so many are not as sober …

and real as I have chosen to be yet the truth still the truth and we are all connected and …

the heros adventure continue…

~From Me…

© Louis J. Auslander 3/24/17

Can you hide behind your lies with your favorite disguise?

When the truth finds you and says your it.

Do you keep on running or do you stay and sit?

Or do you play a game of you can’t see me? Though truth knows…

Or do you keep on hiding inside your whole lied no’s?

Open up to that which offers lessons for your soul.

For not about whom’s wrong or right for it about sharing knows.

As half of you was knowing and half of you divide when choosing loving knowing…

We unite as halves collide.

For now we are together and as one the truth is seen.

Choosing love as our connecter on each other we will lean.

© Louis J. Auslander 3/20/17

She chose to play hide and go seek with the truth. It found her every time yet she still kept hiding from it. She did not play fair and when it was her turn to seek truth; and even when it was in front of her face, she chose to pretend it was not there.

Truth was persistent and not playing games.

It was not hiding or seeking.

It was.

A game she played that she would never win until she stopped playing it.

© Louis J. Auslander 3/6/17