How the World Was One …

Saturday, March 25, 2017

When they came to pick him apart he was not home.

They picked at nothing. They tried and searched as they wanted him but he was not there.

Where’s he at they asked? They looked and looked and could not find him.

Until they looked in the mirror and there he was. He was already there part of all of them.

They were in awe for the home he had found was in them as all was one and one was all.

Now they need look no more and had no reason to want to pick him apart.

Now they understood him and with that they were in love.

In love they had now found the love that inside of them and their true home.

There was no searching no more .

There was no one they wanted to pick apart.

There was no one that was not the one with them.

From that day forward they shared the love …

And anyone that wanted to tear them apart …

Would be met with love inside them …

And this is how the world that was once lost was One…

© Louis J. Auslander 3/25/17

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