I consider my life to be a work of art in motion. I am a marathon runner. I am an artist of sound, sight, and touch. My interests and pursuits of expertise are in health and wellness. I have underwent difficult challenge and change to get to where I am now. In my experience, change does not come easy nor overnight. Change is a process which one must pursue with persistence for it to truly be. I am a changed man, nothing like I was a decade previously. I have broken unhealthy habits and replaced them with healthy habits. I hope to convey to you the different methods of thought and understanding that have developed along the way. My life, although not always easy, has profoundly become expansive and full of vitality. As I move through the journey of life I will share with you as I go. I do not think that you ever arrive and can say, ” This is me! I am at my destination!”. There is always more to learn at any age. I hope to share some of my visual artwork and perhaps some of my musical pursuits as well.

I am thinking to throw in an ongoing fictional work also under one of the pages. Wow! Seem like I may be going in many directions at once. My soul longs for all this adventure and I will pursue and persist. In suming up, this blog will be about feeding the human spirit. Feeding and sharing my spirit through creative endevours. Encouraging and enlightening through methods that have worked for me and hopefully will be of use to you.  Many times I find that going back to simpler ways of the past is the way to reconnect to oursleve and others. I hope to make this blog thought provoking, entertaining and educational. Once we unlearn and  reconnect to our genuine self, then we will move into a much better future for us all. Sincerely Your Friend, Louie J. Auslander

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