Bits & Pieces

These tid bits are just little quotes that come to my mind from time to time. They are not in any order of importance or in relationship to one another.
I just numbered them to have each one stand on its own. I hope you enjoy them !

1) Travel with trust in your heart and you will find truth.

2) We’re all ignorant. Some just think they are smarter than others.

3)  Love is your protection. It kills fear!

4)  I use to be scared because I no longer had fear. Then I realized I could’nt be scared. Oh, boy did I laugh.

5) Life is not short. It is infinite, timeless and endless…

6) Humor is everywhere if your willing to see it!

7) If you want more time learn to be patient.

8) Next or Now? Choices in the moment make the difference. The balancing of the 3 P’s presence, persistence, pursuit is paramount.

9) You know more then you think and less then you think you know.
10) Raise Awareness! Seek higher levels of consciousness!

11) If you want to really get high you can, but you definitely have to be sober and free of drugs to achieve it.

12) Nature is my church, it preaches truth.
13) It’s all in your head. If you want it different, think it to be so.
14) I make room for error for good reason, some of my best accomplishments were at first mistakes.
15) When you decide to become alive the world around you becomes alive!
16) I love mixing business with pleasure it makes work not work but a matter of making  a living through what you love!



17) Go out into the unknown, breakaway from your norm this is where life is truly alive. This is a place worth living in!


18)  There’s no one worth being better than, than yourself.

19) There’s but one rule of art and that is there are no rules! Now go Create!


20)  I compete with me. I always win and never lose, against the toughest of competition.


21)”Strife is within you, projected on those outside of you. So a matter of getting along with others is a matter of being at peace within. The more you learn to love yourself the less strife you will have for sharing and the more love you will have to share”.

22) Oh the joy of pure joy, the more I feel it the more I am there the more I am there the more I feel it! ~ Louis j. Auslander

23) All conditions are in favor, to those that endure all conditions.


24) Wake up and put your best genes on!

25) You are who you choose to be.

©2012 Louie J. Auslander

26) The more I live the more I learn to forgive…

The more I forgive the more I learn to live…

©2013 Louie J. Auslander


  1. daddy says:

    wow the website looks great..but hard to figure out how to leave a reply

    1. louiea says:

      Thanks Dad. Well I am glad you figured it out. I will have to look into that Dad. thanks for the input.

  2. Louie,

    I love this list, especially #8! Bravo! I wrote a poem called Bits & Pieces. Check it out here:

    1. louiea says:

      Thank You Nicole. I feel honored receiving such comments from an established writer like yourself! Your poem “Bits and Pieces” is great! The poem is short in length yet, when looked into it’s expansive in thought and emotion. Anyone that has been in a relationship could relate to it I am sure. Perfect! I look forward to reading more of your work!

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