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Doing the same thing in life and  eating the same way will lead to the same

results. Many, myself included have gotten complacent and settle for this

mediocre way of feeling in life. A good 20 adult years of living the same

complacent lifestyle was enough for me and I have been changing ever

since. There was a logical progression based upon much trial and error,

and experience that lead me to veganism. I do not go in this direction

because I did not like the taste of pizza, or the taste of a hamburger,

or cheese. In fact I have always enjoyed the taste of these foods and I had

enjoyed many others, cakes, dorittos and a host of synthetic chemical

foods in the past. I have been fortunate and through hard work and

experience have been able to realize what foods it takes to feel the best

in life. It is beyond amazing what we do not know of ourselves and our health

and well being until we try something different until, we take a taste so to

speak of how we could feel if we put different foods into our bodies. I know

with the holidays upon us this may be the last thing upon peoples mind is diet.

It is understandable but many start thinking of it soon after the holidays when

we feel off and a bit ill from our overindulgences. I encourage all to enjoy their

Christmas and Holidays in anyway they are accustomed to if they so wish or

see them in a different way if they wish. The thing is I would like you to know

that you do deserve the best of you and you can have it and you can change.

Believe me if I can you can! It is hard work at times but you have this one

life to live in which you deserve to be able to feel your best! Give yourself the gift

of lifting yourself up to your highest form of self, health and wellness!

You will not be disappointed!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All !!!

©2012 Louis J. Auslander

The gift is there for you to take.

It is your calling, your life’s purpose.

It is what you shall do.

Answer your calling!

Accept your gift!

Your gift is given to you in the spirit of the season.

In accepting your gift, you will give your gift to all in return.

This is the essence of life.

Let the essence of life come to you, flow through and out of you to all!

~Louis J. Auslander


In writing this my attention was brought to a profound message I have seen

in big letters on the brick wall entryway to a church in my neighborhood.

“You Truly Are the Savior of the World”

These words, this message, this thought, has often lifted my spirit as I

would run by the church  during my training runs.

I would think as I was running by how great the world will be when we

all learn that within us we all are truly the saviors of the world!


My warmest wishes and hopes for you all to receive your gifts during this holiday season!



©2012 Louis J. Auslander

Felt there was always more to say.

But how could I of?

But when should I of?

What words could have prolonged life.

What words could have made him see.

After all, it happened how it was supposed be.

Saw the error though.

Saw the cure.

What was it that caused it?

It couldn’t be fixed by the same way that got him there.

Thought hard.


Pitched in, felt the weight of his heart, fear and pain.

Dug in.

Gave strength.

A man always has a choice.

The choice is always his.

Giving all you have, is all you can do.

When it is our time we give into and accept

our true strength which is our release and our surrender.

We know when it is our time.

When we are to reach out of time and accept eternity.

When we have left the physical life we are of the mind,

where we have always been and will be eternally ever after.

Many times if not in all cases if we choose to notice in ones passing

the connections we have had become even stronger then they were

in the physical plain.

We are one and have always been.

Our love runs deep.

I always felt there was more to say.

Yet, there is always more to feel and understand beyond what words

can describe.


© 2012 Louis J. Auslander

Give a smile!

Share some love and kindness with those you run into.

Do this often, it works wonders into your life.

Be real with it, not a thrown on smile, not an “act” of kindness.

Sincerity is the key, care about others, smile from your soul, connect with others.

There are times when others may not smile back they may look at you with hard looks or grief.

This is ok, they need it more than the ones that smile back .

Do not take it personally, they are in a bad place at the time.

Still keep smiling!

Do not be quick to judge or identify someone as this or that type of person just by looking at them.

Any one you encounter is more like you than they are different.

We all bleed, want to be loved, have suffered, are alive now and will pass away from our physical form someday.

Life is to short not to be happy!

We have a choice of how we can feel in any given moment.

Choosing to share your love with a smile between souls will exponentially grow

throughout all!

Give a smile!

: ) —> : ) —> : )


©2012 Louis J. Auslander

To be the best competitor you must realize that there

is no competition outside of yourself.

In all sport or game and every sport, team sport or not.

Comparison and thought projection as means to defeat

opponents is but a loss to you as well, no matter the final score.

One can win on the score board and still have loss.

There is no such thing as defeat if you raise yourself

to your highest standards. Defeat happens to those that

place all their value in results rather than the moment.

To win at any cost will cost you very much in terms of

reaching your true strength. To realize giving the best of you

to your sport is just that, will help you rise above any competition.

This may not always guarantee a win in the final score yet, you will

never suffer loss as well. You will have gained from your experience.

Persistance in your practice with high standards and ethical righteousness

will allow for miracles to happen for you within your practice and sport.

These miracles will open the door to triumph and victories for true champions.

The end results are not as important as the means.

In the very end the just rewards will be rewarded to those that have just means.


©2012 Louis J. Auslander

Be your best!


Rise above your ways,

and learn to rest.


Pass each test!


Lives lessons will teach,

let the love manifest.


The ones that are scared

will try to share their fear.

They will try to control you

and take you and scold you.


So lift up your head!

We don’t fear the dead.

We’re way to alive,

to do what they said.


We know of the truth

as knowledge is clear.

Their lies and deceit

will leave them in fear.


No enemies here!

They are not in my mind.

I treat all fairly,

honestly and  kind.


©2012 Louis J. Auslander




In the moment, nothing is ever as bad as you make it seem.

You are breathing right?

You are alive right?

You have much to be grateful for then.

Decisions that change your life are made within the moment.

To not continue with a bad habit is a decision made over and

over within the moment when it arises. It is not forever that you

need worry about. Now in the present is the only time which you

need address. You need not jump into making poor decisions.

You can ponder it as much or as little as you want yet, you truly

always know the answer and what is best for you to do.

Making the right decision for you is what you need to do.

Not harming you or anyone else is the decision to always make.

Once you make the right decision more and more within the

moment it becomes easier and you build strength and courage

to do what is right for you and all.

There is but the moment to do what needs to be done.

Live the life you deserve by doing whats best for all.

You can never take back a bad decision.

Holding off until you make a good decision is much better

than making a fast poor decision. The more we practice

being mindful in our decision making in the moment the better

life becomes for all.


Have a Great Day!  Smile and Make a Difference!  : )


©2012 Louis J. Auslander








Learn your lessons or they will keep being thrown in your face.

Get fed up with whatever it is that is holding yourself back from learning.

Once you learn the small amount of pleasure provided does not outweigh

the pain it causes to continue doing the behavior it’s time to take action.

This was my thought process that helped me unlearn some very painful

self behaviors. I  still to this day am working on my diet which to

most would be almost perfect.

But I do not settle for almost.

I deserve the best as do you!

Slowly but surely deny the urges to do unhealthy behaviors to yourself

by rationalizing the outcome being more painful than the initial

delusion of pleasure they provide.

Realize the truth in this.

Do not feel guilty if you backslide because this is part of the

process of learning(or unlearning in many cases).

Do persist and know that it will get better and better with time…

It takes considerably less time to break unhealthy habits

then it did to make them.

Find solace in this as you persist…

You know what to do!

Now do it!

You deserve the best!


©2012 Louis J. Auslander



Silence was given to me from a friend of mime.

With eyes wide open he dropped no dime.

As some saw his savory as a naive form of slavery.

He knew with such eyes he was saved from such lies.

Paradise bound,

with love all around,

in a world of pleasure and plenty.



No need to respond.

If those fight below,

you can sail beyond.

The choice of voice,

the choice of reason,

the choice of doubt

is faiths ultimate treason.

The tree of knowledge

knows all and is clear.

If you wait for your answers…

you will find them all there…


©2012 Louis J.



There’s an elephant chant,

but the elephants can’t pick up the pieces and run.

For in a forced act with a whip and a crack,

they were taught how to stay in line.

They were taught how to dance and taught how to prance,

in the big top state of mind.

If all that you see is the parade,

then all that you saw was the charade.

Behind the scene they were treated so mean

that their spirits had floated aside them.

Around in the ring they would go

tail to trunk in tow.

Dispirited look in their eyes,

as the crowd clapped and looked with surprise.

The truth is easy to see but hard to handle.

So sad to buy up the lie,

and settle for the scandal.


©2012 Louis J. Auslander