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DSCN2150Stop advertising the hate.

Do you see the Pickle and the division thought process which many are falling under?

I’m offended because X happen to something I identify with.

I identify with all of life, all of humans, all of animals, all of the living.

I do not identify with hate.

But the vortex of hate not where I will be sucked into.

Be aware what is before you. Be aware of the what you see and witness with your own eyes for this your reality. Make this better with love.

By Be(lie)ing in media (which has not suddenly taken to telling the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth you are sucked into their vortex of hatred and victims.) Letting his become your reality will not help. Going out and living your life with love will protect and project more an more love into the world we live in.

We change the world when we come from our hearts.

We bow down to the world of fear when we choose to listen to medias views.

Bad things of hatred have always been happening but not even close in the amount of love and kindness that is shared amongst humans on this planet daily. Yet the kindness and love rarely reported.

So you choose your view.

I will not feed the hate with hate.

I will love more.

I will be kinder.

I will soften the hard and comfort those in need.

I will find the love in everyone of you and I will share my love and heart with you.

We are One and are here for fellow Man, Animal and Earth.

© Louis J. Auslander 11/13/16

When do you decide to vote with your lifestyle?

Many so easily feared by words.

Same as those easily pacified by lying words of peace.

Peace not outside of you it within you.

Letting the media/government imagine your future an life for you can be scary.

Go through your fear now. Now the time for your healing. This opportunity here and now.

Do not : “Oh, no I need a drink,” “Oh no I need to smoke pot,” “Oh no I need to eat baked goods,” “Oh no I need to shop,” etc…  All this avoidance of your fears and what in many ways has lead to such a fearful mindset that can easily be triggered by outside forces into being terrified.

Stop being a puppet to culture that has not been for your best interest.

Tear down traditional ways as comfort… As many ready to cut and carve dead carcass in thankful ways for a holiday that commemorates genocide of natives can be one tradition you can avoid if you want to avoid.

Make for a thanks living not for a ceremony where death and animal sacrifice are on our plates to eat and fill our guts with that which stimulates aggression and fear into our being.

Avoid eating death and chemicals that contribute to imbalances and make for unsettled minds that are easily triggered and brought into fear.

Do you want peace of mind?

Start with the foundation of what you take into your body, mind and soul.

Within you there peace at your core this your birthright and being.

Undo what not of you…

Let go and stop feeding yourself that which moves you into fear and away from your being…

Stop being death fed, Stop being media fed, Stop the fed head for as you continually consume you are choosing to eat away at you in avoidance  and bringing forth what of fear and not of you. You are love…

Undo what not of you my love… Undo … Undo … Undo …

We Are one and coming though …

© Louis J. Auslander 11/11/16

We all feed off each other. Whom’s hungry for some truth? Come on over here and eat up some. Much easier to digest truth than the lies and fear that keep you in the lies and fear. The Courage to eat up truth will make for a healthy sound mind. This at first a challenge being many of us have been force fed lies since brought into this world. But once you develop a taste for truth and build your courage you will be well upon your way to a healthier you …

Unlearning not easy but so worth the peace of mind it will bring to you if you endure… the unease … to get to the ease …

Because honestly many just avoid their state of discontent and this not true peace.

Lets change that and may many be blessed with the courage to endure and go through the unlearning of what not so. Undoing of this will lead to your unwavered peace of mind.

© Louis J. Auslander 10/18/16

May seem easier to just Say Go Team (insert: cure based cause, nation, religion, occupation,) speak cliches and follow symbols and idols than to truly support just human initiatives with actions. May seem easier to blindly speak the cliches you have been taught than to look deeper into these teams you support.

What easy at first with avoidance of truth leads to long term pain.

A bit of … “Hard to understand or  unlearning” at first hard work but … better results and growth and easier for you as life goes on…

Well the  sad truth is this country was built on lies if you look deep enough into it.

But the knew world and the true are restoring this world back to its pristine ways.

Look within your own heart and the truth will be known.

Lets stop the make be(lie)ving and the half truths and live from our hearts from a place of universal knowledge and truth. We all have that within us and when we live from there we take are freedom back.

We all Know ! Lets Grow …

One world! No Borders! No division! Humans Unite! We Are One!

© Louis J. Auslander 9/8/16

1) Some want to win so bad they are destine to lose.

2) Some give so much they cannot lose.

3) Holding on to what you had can have a hold on you.

4) Living and loving no mad will restore your groove.

5) Tomorrows as made up as Yesterday so Now you know.

© Louis J. Auslander 9/7/16

Excuses For Abuses

The story of adding injury to injury and feeling sorry for your sorry ass…

Lets throw that book away …

Rewrite …. Rewrite … Rewrite Your life…

You have a choice you write the script. That old played out way does not serve you anymore.

Nothing more to learn from your abuses and excuses.

Open the page to a new story a new way on this new day …

Our world is changing and we’re making it new but first that story starts with you!

Divinity blesses you on your journey and your lifes purpose…

© Louis J. Auslander 9/7/16

Jumping to conclusions an error but jumping to delusion this an error at a whole other level. Be careful what we Be(lie)ve for when we become offensive violent and attack based upon be(lie)fs rather than seeing true we suffer for our doing of such. We’ve all done so and if we can be the witness of our own actions then we see the error and the lessons we have to learn. Getting beyond our own delusions takes more so unleanring. When we choose to learn we suffer no more. The letting go of error makes for our healing which allows us to see more clearly. Our soul work often not easy but letting go of egos be(lie)fs well worth it in doing so we encompass more peace of mind and clarity. God bless and strength to you to let go of what no longer serves your higher self.

© Louis J. Auslander 9/6/16

Those that care need undermine a corrupt system. They need not just take orders if orders are not humane. “Sorry rank and file I will not instruct my men to do what not of integrity and what not best for humanity!”. More sticking up for whats right from those embeded within the system. This goes particularily for Teachers, Healthcare workers, Officers, Government Employees, Military. This truly fighting for our freedom. We serve fellow humans, animals, earth and all the living. Gods laws and laws of nature rule and if we do not follow those we lead to are own suffering. No one in this world would be above that. The divine will bless you and lead you and forever protect you. Listen and you will know what to do. Thank you for your service to all the living!

So no one wants to feel pain.

I get that.

But avoiding pain makes for more pain.

Then what avoid more pain ….

Which you guessed it makes for more pain on top of that pain.


A void dance leaves one empty and not whole but more so the feelings of a hollow.

Go through for none of this true.

Swallow the hollow eat up the space there’s no pain in the real go through without haste.

Slowly feel the moment …

Slowly go through the pain …

Slowly loving that which will fade away …

As we choose feel our way …

This too shall pass …

Full healing ours when we go through …

© Louis J. Auslander  8/24/16

We are the sum and not of  the delusional parts that we in error choose to think in fragmented ways.

Unite in thought and understanding for the whole of all the living.

Take care of the whole and we will be at one.

This goes for the body and outside the body.

© Louis J. Auslander 7/29/16