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The problem with most advice is people try to give it in a binary way. It’s either this way or that way . Ok, sometimes they will put down several options and even number them as if those are the only options. There is no right or wrong way to run or do anything for that matter. There are ways. Once you start saying it is this or that only, you alienate yourself from any more expansive thinking. You’re stuck in a box and all you can do is keep shaking the box. Of course all that comes out of the box is the same two options you put in it. Right or wrong I am rethinking and advancing….

A person that is driven to do quality work will always receive his just rewards. Rather then advance within a system where topping out is still below his true potential. If ones superiors do not see or just steal from him without giving him his just rewards he will move on. He will always move on either way with or without them. Their loss, their lack of vision. He does not hold onto to his past accomplishments as anything more then leading him to more bigger future achievements. He loves the work, he loves the now, he is someone that if you are fortunate enough to employ you best hold onto him at any cost. He will always advance. He can take a company with him or leave them behind. If you don’t notice the best you do not deserve the best!

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