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Very different times than most have experienced in this lifetime.

The truth will set us all free and give us the courage to act and live accordingly.

Much of the; news, advertisements, sales and persuasions of thought

still have their basis in fear and insecurity. Once we fully break from that

mindset individually as more and more are doing daily that

house of cards will crumble.  Many that think they are vested in

such may fight as the peaceful will persist and pay them no mind

in many ways. Those that fight will be set free when they choose to

give up the fight. There will be much conversion to peaceful ways

and the sooner the better for all will be…

We all have a choice in every moment choosing love will set us free.

Do your part. Know you are loved. Know you have the strength and

support of legions of angels. With this we all move forward into the Known world.

© Louis J. Auslander 4//19/15

“Soul Searching…” not so

Broken distraction on the go…

We do not search for what we are.

We break the routine of what we are not.

We listen and answer to what we are and have always been.

We avoid the voice that has no choice but to be a slave to its routine of mundane.

We’re alive not intoxicated on food, drink and medicines that leave us empty and disconnected.

We do not look to these escapes from ourselves we love ourselves.

You deserve to love yourself not abuse through food substances that leave you less connected to you.

Look forward to being you! Many times digesting less will bring you closer to you rather than

identifying with your weekend substance foods and drinks and such that take you away from you and life.

The search is over you are above it all not hidden underneath what is not you anymore and truthfully never was.

You are free or you are a prisoner of your own making.

Do you identify with what does not serve your soul?

Do you identify that which does not serve your vehicle(body)?

Do you identify with that which does not serve your mind?

Identify with your soul for it is you!

Listen it knows more than you can possibly ever think!


You are Soul!

The search is as simple as taking away what you are not,

Then the soul you are and have always been will shine through…

© Louis J. Auslander 5/23/14

Felt there was always more to say.

But how could I of?

But when should I of?

What words could have prolonged life.

What words could have made him see.

After all, it happened how it was supposed be.

Saw the error though.

Saw the cure.

What was it that caused it?

It couldn’t be fixed by the same way that got him there.

Thought hard.


Pitched in, felt the weight of his heart, fear and pain.

Dug in.

Gave strength.

A man always has a choice.

The choice is always his.

Giving all you have, is all you can do.

When it is our time we give into and accept

our true strength which is our release and our surrender.

We know when it is our time.

When we are to reach out of time and accept eternity.

When we have left the physical life we are of the mind,

where we have always been and will be eternally ever after.

Many times if not in all cases if we choose to notice in ones passing

the connections we have had become even stronger then they were

in the physical plain.

We are one and have always been.

Our love runs deep.

I always felt there was more to say.

Yet, there is always more to feel and understand beyond what words

can describe.


© 2012 Louis J. Auslander

Why does the general public still even listen to the media as a form of reality?


The media has as much power as the listeners choose to give it.


Why give up this power?


Its willingly giving up reality for a belief in someone else’s formatted agenda twisted driven  reality.


Sometimes there is some truth to the news.


Sometimes there is complete fabrication.


Sometimes it is somewhere in between.


Inevitably in most, if not all cases this reality they portray is there  to sway your thoughts.


Many times complete nonsense is the story of the day, the week, the year.


Then everyone is complaining ” How is this newsworthy!” they scream and yell.


“Who cares about this?” they scream!, “We should be concerned about this instead?” they bark out with hands raised in anger!


We claim stake over the news media that we so identify with as our source of reality.


Other stories captivate and play on severe injustices which turn the listeners into a vengeful lynch mob.


Watching intently to the day justice is served and the villain hung before all.


Either way they play their game to captivate you into their reality drawing upon a judgement in you.


Oh, these are but a couple of the techniques that have been going on and played on the public since


the beginnings of human organized society.


The truth that I have become to realize is that the world is far worst and far better then they will ever portray


in mainstream news media.


The world in which you live in is heaven or hell depending on how you see it and how you make it.


To find your personal heaven or hell in this world is your choice.


Why let the news media influence your reality?


It’s your head what do you want in it?


Will this ever change?


Is it really reality?


That choice is ours.


© 2012 Louis J. Auslander