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I especially like my tee shirts and jeans that are 10 years plus old

they become so soft and part of me yet the holes that resemble

the styles were earned and eventually are their undoing as they

unravel to not being wearable. New clothes do not fit right even

if they fit perfectly so to speak. Crisp and starched, perfect and pleated,

stiff and itchy. As a child I never liked knew clothes really they were

not mine yet they did not feel right. Sun faded hats, hole filled tees,

ripped and frayed jeans yeah that’s real that’s for me!

Lived in clothes real and they show and share the worn in years!

More buying of clothes from garage sales and thrift stores makes

sense to me as well. For they are pre worn ready to go if I find

a right fit and feel to them then they are knew to me.

Your own style can be established rather than following the latest trends.

In not supporting big corporations, avoiding taxes through person to person

swapping and selling and much cheaper prices also not supporting child

labor and sweat shops We help more with our clothes choices!

Making a difference with our choices is the best we can do!

© Louis J. Auslander 4/10/15



Silence was given to me from a friend of mime.

With eyes wide open he dropped no dime.

As some saw his savory as a naive form of slavery.

He knew with such eyes he was saved from such lies.

Paradise bound,

with love all around,

in a world of pleasure and plenty.



No need to respond.

If those fight below,

you can sail beyond.

The choice of voice,

the choice of reason,

the choice of doubt

is faiths ultimate treason.

The tree of knowledge

knows all and is clear.

If you wait for your answers…

you will find them all there…


©2012 Louis J.

Feeding time and there’s a fork in the road.

For what you feed is how you will grow.

For one has hunger, doubt and fear,

as the other is free, unknown and clear.

What do you feed?

Do you want to know?

Which way is easier?

How would you know?

False sense of stability laden with insecurity,

taught this ability forgot about humility.

Outside of thinking do you know?

Is this how the garden grows?

The sun shines in and tells me so,

it lays its light on my very soul.

So how would you get from fear to there?

You’d need different thought than which you adhered.

“Oh, different thought but thats not me!”

Is this how you’re suppose to be?

Go back,

Go back,

to when you knew,

just how special it was to be you!


©2012 Louis J. Auslander

We must age to a certain degree but at what rate that we remain youthful is of our own choices and doing to a large degree.


Surprisingly, we can also re-establish many of our youthful qualities that we may have thought were lost for good.


The human body is remarkable resilient in its ability to repair and restore when given the right chemical make-up to do so.


It  is truly unbelievable to witness the transition within yourself yet, I myself am living proof of just that.


I once thought that I was old and for all practical purposes, I was.


Overweight, smoking 2 packs a day, drinking alcohol way to much, eating unwholesome foods, lungs were coughing and wheezing through the night.


I have told the story before, yet it is worth repeating.


I am not telling you this to boast or brag for that is not who I am.


Back when I was a drinking, smoking, junk food eating fool, sure enough bragging and boasting and thinking I was better and smarter than others was

precedent in that cruel world I lived in.


Oh, I tell you it’s hard when all you have is that ego strong as all hell to hold on to as your only strength.


It’s hard to see when your in that position. From that view point, life becomes askew, down seems up and up seems down.


Many may not get what I am saying here or many may not want to understand such words of defiance against their own egos.


Who you think you are does not have to be you.


This is worth repeating perhaps, in a slightly different way.


What you have become does not have to be you.


You do not have to continue in the direction you are going.


Having lived an entirely different way then, than I do now has changed the world I see before my eyes.


The world I live in now was incomprehensible to me back when I was old some years back.


It would have been a severe injustice to myself if I would never have broken free into who I am now.


I think we all are in need of improvements, myself included.


I am not done and there now.


There is no done and there.


There is no mission accomplished.


This is life it is an ever learning experience.


When we refuse to learn, when we refuse to grow, when we refuse try new things, this is when we start to die.


This is when we get old.


Our bodies will age with time, but if we decide to give them wholesome food and break away from bad habits youth will be restored.


Be young again, you owe it to yourself no matter what age you are!


©2012 Louis J. Auslander

©2012 Louis J. Auslander

©2012 Louis J. Auslander



Forty one times around the sun.

Yet, still so much more too see.

©2012 Louis J. Auslander

I started out in heaven, as

clear a conscious as can be.

Then projected onto me the

delusional reality that could not be.

I fought hard with fist and tongue

as the ego ruled the school grounds.

All was to be formulated over years…

of the schools structuring,

over years… of this is how we act

this is how we shall be.

Over years…of that was never me.

When you’re older you can do as you want.

When you’re older, you can make your own rules.

That day turned into “You are now an adult so do what your told”,

“Oh, you’re a childish dreamer, grow up! ” they would say.

So, it was off to work in a hell I made.

I am not happy, this is not fair,

spinning my wheels, getting no where!

This unforeseen escape from hell was yet an investment into

the deeper depths of the self made hell.

Oh this work sucks! This world is terrible! I had a tough week!

Lets go drink! You got some dope to smoke? What do you have?

Lets over eat! Lets find some sex! Lets escape this world, it is no good!

For a moment I’d forget…

For a moment I chased hell away…

Or did I ?

Every moment that I thought I were away,

I dug deeper into my self decay.

Until I decided to reclaim me.

To be me one moment at  a time…

I would climb  out of hell.

One decision at a time…

Each day I would learn to quiet the voice of bad habit.

To silence the hard wiring of what should not be.

Each day I would listen to the voice that was me,

the voice that had been quiet for so long.

I would surface as a new man yet, the same man

or should I say the reclaimed man.

Now back on solid ground, I keep building towards the sky.

Building towards the heavens to where I once begun.

Still so much more to see,

after forty one times around the sun…

©2012 Louis J. Auslander

If you trust no one, no one trust you. If you trust others, others trust you.

If you think everyones out to screw you over and take advantage of you.

You guessed it…. everyone is!

We make are own scenarios, it depends on what you want in life.

Do you want to create?

Create yourself, create for others, share, courage, love, security, create a mind worth living in…

Do you want to destroy?

Destroy yourself, destroy others, isolate, fear, insecurities, hate, destructive mind…

Do you want Heaven or Hell?

It’s all in your head.

What do you want?

Where do you want to call home?


© 2012 Louie J. Auslander

I always wondered about that saying.

I know what it’s supposed to imply.

But why?

Taken literally it just makes no sense to me.

Honestly what else is there to do with cake?

Back to the question at hand.

Yes…. you can have your cake and eat it too, if dishonesty, deceit, and manipulation are involved.

There will be consequence to these behaviors, even if you never get caught taking nibbles or eating cupcakes.

Sort of like a diet, the more pure without cheating really makes a difference.

In a righteous way, I don’t see why not.

In an unrighteous way, I don’t see why.

Either way, you can have it and eat it too.

It’s just a matter of what you plan on feeding within yourself.

One way will make you more  full of life. The other will eat at you.


© 2012 Louie J. Auslander