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Very different times than most have experienced in this lifetime.

The truth will set us all free and give us the courage to act and live accordingly.

Much of the; news, advertisements, sales and persuasions of thought

still have their basis in fear and insecurity. Once we fully break from that

mindset individually as more and more are doing daily that

house of cards will crumble.  Many that think they are vested in

such may fight as the peaceful will persist and pay them no mind

in many ways. Those that fight will be set free when they choose to

give up the fight. There will be much conversion to peaceful ways

and the sooner the better for all will be…

We all have a choice in every moment choosing love will set us free.

Do your part. Know you are loved. Know you have the strength and

support of legions of angels. With this we all move forward into the Known world.

© Louis J. Auslander 4//19/15

In the moment, nothing is ever as bad as you make it seem.

You are breathing right?

You are alive right?

You have much to be grateful for then.

Decisions that change your life are made within the moment.

To not continue with a bad habit is a decision made over and

over within the moment when it arises. It is not forever that you

need worry about. Now in the present is the only time which you

need address. You need not jump into making poor decisions.

You can ponder it as much or as little as you want yet, you truly

always know the answer and what is best for you to do.

Making the right decision for you is what you need to do.

Not harming you or anyone else is the decision to always make.

Once you make the right decision more and more within the

moment it becomes easier and you build strength and courage

to do what is right for you and all.

There is but the moment to do what needs to be done.

Live the life you deserve by doing whats best for all.

You can never take back a bad decision.

Holding off until you make a good decision is much better

than making a fast poor decision. The more we practice

being mindful in our decision making in the moment the better

life becomes for all.


Have a Great Day!  Smile and Make a Difference!  : )


©2012 Louis J. Auslander








I have always been one to take my time with things. Get to know them. Ease into things. Which has been very safe and good for me in many ways. It is not the only way though. I have been unlearning and relearning very much about myself for the last 7 years or so. There are other ways. To settle into our ways is to stop learning. Do I have to lose my gradual cautious side? Of course not, this is part of me and a very good part of me. Yet, I can learn and have learned to be more courageous. To jump sometimes without knowing where I may be going, to count on instinct, to dive into fear head on knowing I will survive. Now, I become stronger. Now, I have both skills. The skill to stay still and figure before I move and the skill to move and figure as I go. Developing both, I have become better at both. Being able to see things in other ways makes one more of a multi dimentional person. To see things from only one perspective makes life stagnant and flat. To see life from multiple perspectives leads us to a more realistic truth and  understanding of life. The easiest answer is seldom the best.
This year I am taking and trying many new things and getting to know life even better. Taking interest in the unknown gradually and cautiously at times and at times just jumping into the unknown. Developing the intuition to know when to do which is the key. I am getting better at this as I go. It is all a learning process in which I embrace with full mind ,body and soul. I want to share with you my journey. I also want to share what I have learned along my way in hopes that it may be helpful in your lives as well.
So, I am new to blogging and am not a “techie” by any means. I am figuring much of this out as I go. I wanted it to be perfect before I told anyone of it. But when would that be? I just kept getting caught up in the technical end which frustrated me more then anything. Content of my writting and sharing what has worked for me in life is whats important. The fine tuning and tweeking on the technical end will come as I go, if even needed. I have been working on this off and on since November, feel free to browse around and look through the archives. I plan on blogging 2 to 3 times a week maybe more, maybe less. We will have to see how things go. NOW …….. I JUMP!