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To be the best competitor you must realize that there

is no competition outside of yourself.

In all sport or game and every sport, team sport or not.

Comparison and thought projection as means to defeat

opponents is but a loss to you as well, no matter the final score.

One can win on the score board and still have loss.

There is no such thing as defeat if you raise yourself

to your highest standards. Defeat happens to those that

place all their value in results rather than the moment.

To win at any cost will cost you very much in terms of

reaching your true strength. To realize giving the best of you

to your sport is just that, will help you rise above any competition.

This may not always guarantee a win in the final score yet, you will

never suffer loss as well. You will have gained from your experience.

Persistance in your practice with high standards and ethical righteousness

will allow for miracles to happen for you within your practice and sport.

These miracles will open the door to triumph and victories for true champions.

The end results are not as important as the means.

In the very end the just rewards will be rewarded to those that have just means.


©2012 Louis J. Auslander