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© vintage pencil work 1991-2012 Louis J. Auslander

I think anything worth having sells itself.


Sure an artist can advertise and market and spend much of their time working on reaching out to people.


I see many that do.


Mediocre artist yet, excellent salesmen, marketers and advertisers can and do generate profits.


Now to me a true artist is not about profits yet the true artist will make huge profits if they pursue perfection in their art and leave the sales to their product.


The mediocre artist decides to make what they think will sell.


They spend more time and effort on sales then they do on becoming a better artist.


They make it so far and then say, “ok, this is good enough to sell!”.


They sell themselves short in my opinion.


Looking for attention, fame, and money they settle for mediocre work and a decent wage.


What if you put all your effort into your artwork?



What if you had the patience to pursue perfection?


What if you went for years without making any profits yet focused all your energies on getting better and better at your craft?


The thing is, we don’t really know what greatness we are capable of.


We do know that if we do what sells, if we settle for mediocracy, if we focus on selling, we can generate a decent wage.


None of the best artist that ever existed or still are alive settled for this.


Some of the best artist may have never made money and some were filthy rich from there efforts.


Either way, rich or poor I guarantee the best of the best most definitely learned more and lived more enriched lives than those that sold themselves short.


You deserve the best!


Be and pursue the best of yourself!



© 2012 Louis J. Auslander

We are all more alike then we are different.

If we are rich, poor, famous or not, this is of no difference.

In our society the famous are put in the spotlight.

Their achievement of fame is in regards to their gifts of entertainment

in the many different areas that they provide for the masses.

The famous are human like us all. The human experience is a changing experience.

Throughout a lifetime there are many changes that we all go through, some good and some bad.

All the while the famous persons life is exposed for the good and the bad.

Often we judge and joke about them as if they are not human.

As if they are different then us.

They are no different then you and I.

The same is said of the rich or the poor,

the same is untrue.

The richest of rich and the poorest of poor are very much alike.

We all share the human experience.

We all are part of the same woven web of consciousness.

We share in the love ,

We share in the hate,

We share in the uncertainty of day to day life.

The one thing that is for certain, that is that; if you are here now,

that if you are listening to this message, then you can make a difference in the human experience.

You can choose to embrace whatever delusional differences you think we have amongst us or

you can embrace the truth that we are all more alike then different.

You can make a difference  by having compassion for your fellow human beings and realizing

that we all make mistakes. We all are human yet, at the core of us resides a love and

connectedness that can make life a better experience for all of us; rich, poor, famous or not.