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Very different times than most have experienced in this lifetime.

The truth will set us all free and give us the courage to act and live accordingly.

Much of the; news, advertisements, sales and persuasions of thought

still have their basis in fear and insecurity. Once we fully break from that

mindset individually as more and more are doing daily that

house of cards will crumble.  Many that think they are vested in

such may fight as the peaceful will persist and pay them no mind

in many ways. Those that fight will be set free when they choose to

give up the fight. There will be much conversion to peaceful ways

and the sooner the better for all will be…

We all have a choice in every moment choosing love will set us free.

Do your part. Know you are loved. Know you have the strength and

support of legions of angels. With this we all move forward into the Known world.

© Louis J. Auslander 4//19/15


I especially like my tee shirts and jeans that are 10 years plus old

they become so soft and part of me yet the holes that resemble

the styles were earned and eventually are their undoing as they

unravel to not being wearable. New clothes do not fit right even

if they fit perfectly so to speak. Crisp and starched, perfect and pleated,

stiff and itchy. As a child I never liked knew clothes really they were

not mine yet they did not feel right. Sun faded hats, hole filled tees,

ripped and frayed jeans yeah that’s real that’s for me!

Lived in clothes real and they show and share the worn in years!

More buying of clothes from garage sales and thrift stores makes

sense to me as well. For they are pre worn ready to go if I find

a right fit and feel to them then they are knew to me.

Your own style can be established rather than following the latest trends.

In not supporting big corporations, avoiding taxes through person to person

swapping and selling and much cheaper prices also not supporting child

labor and sweat shops We help more with our clothes choices!

Making a difference with our choices is the best we can do!

© Louis J. Auslander 4/10/15