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If your senses tell you it does not taste good why deny your senses?

Interesting many will look to ways to make something appeal to their taste and digest such so called foods because they were told it is what is healthy or that the body needs this food substance for whatever ailment they may have. Yet, the body clearly tells you by tasting that it does not desire such. The mind is useful  not as much so when it is so foolish that it does not listen to the body.

If we do not desire a food in its raw natural form without additives to make it palatable then the body is telling you it does not desire the food nor is it something you need for health or wellness.

Are natural instincts and senses know what we need to know listen to them strengthen them through raw natural fruits from nature and you will know in the moment what to do to take care of you!

© Louis J. Auslander 5/19/15

The belief in opposition untrue.

The belief foolishly as if the moon is in opposition of the sun untrue.

The belief that women and men are opposite untrue.

The belief there is opposite of night and day untrue.

The belief in the way we were programed to think untrue.

The belief in separation untrue.

Go back far enough into remembering whom we were before we knew whom we were.

We have needs to return and know that We are one.

Return to the love! We are love in knowing so you will know opposition be it the delusion.

Louis J. Auslander 4/8/15

The lazy are crazy.
I wouldn’t believe a word they say.

Although, there is a fine line between crazy and genius as there is between obsessed and dedicated.

In walking that line with the balance and patience of a tightrope artist we embrace our optimal levels of achievement.

Too much is too much, too little is not enough.

Pushing limits, knowing limits and also knowing there are no limits,

sounds  a bit like crazy talk.

It is close …

Right on the edge is where I find the calmness

and softness of the hardline of grace and perfection.

Why free will or fate?
Why closer or further from our path?
Why do we always think which such polarity?
In many ways this is because it’s the most rational reasoning for our minds.
I think our hearts know more then our minds. No polarity there.
There is all knowing.
There in the heart is the truth.
There in our heart is our connection to the divine.
In our heart there is no right or wrong, just knowing.
The cleaner and more pure we become the more knowing is availiable.
It’s not all at once though.
Courage and commitement to such purity of mind, body and soul will give you more and more glimpses into the knowledge of the divine.

Now that’s a profound question. So what do  you think?

More more More more More more More more More more More moreMore more more more more more More more more more more more More more more more more more more More more more more more More more more more more More more more more more more more More more more more more more More more more more more more More more more more more More more more more more more more More more more more More more More more more more more more …………….



Off and running more when I come back…


“I don’t know” is the first step to knowing. If, of course, you follow it through.


by step,

by step,

by step,

We learn.

Or do we ?

We may or we may not . We may be mislead into believeing another falsehood. We may be just accepting the easiest most readily availiable so called truth.

Truths must be tested and retested for validity. Even then… they still may not be true.

 Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.   Buddha


Aha!  The Buddha shares such clever thoughts and words with the world that last throughout all of time.

In the information age there is much more false, inaccurate, misleading information out there then there is truth.

Perhaps it has always been this way. Yet, in this day and age  all of this information is very accessable at the click of a button.

What do we need  more then the  button to access all the information in the whole wide world?

We need the  “Truth Button” to accompany such an information button. Otherwise More or less the pun’s on us.



Unfinished More later…