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You cannot lose your love my dear.

Misplace it as you may.

For deep within yourself,

is where it will always stay.


You cannot lose your love my dear,

when given it multiplies.

It doubles to whom you give,

and triples your love inside.


You cannot lose your love my dear.

Although you think you have.

Delusions of a love lost

can drive a lover mad.


You cannot lose your love my dear.

 The truth is easy to swallow.

Love will fill you with more love

and never leave you hollow.



You cannot lose your love my dear.

When you learn to give your love,

give not to entrap your love,

nor think it owes you any.


When you relearn true love my dear,

your love will always be of plenty!


©2012 Louis J. Auslander




Learn your lessons or they will keep being thrown in your face.

Get fed up with whatever it is that is holding yourself back from learning.

Once you learn the small amount of pleasure provided does not outweigh

the pain it causes to continue doing the behavior it’s time to take action.

This was my thought process that helped me unlearn some very painful

self behaviors. I  still to this day am working on my diet which to

most would be almost perfect.

But I do not settle for almost.

I deserve the best as do you!

Slowly but surely deny the urges to do unhealthy behaviors to yourself

by rationalizing the outcome being more painful than the initial

delusion of pleasure they provide.

Realize the truth in this.

Do not feel guilty if you backslide because this is part of the

process of learning(or unlearning in many cases).

Do persist and know that it will get better and better with time…

It takes considerably less time to break unhealthy habits

then it did to make them.

Find solace in this as you persist…

You know what to do!

Now do it!

You deserve the best!


©2012 Louis J. Auslander