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My ability to endure is uncanny.

I’ve made some of the same mistakes so many times in my life.

I do know that i eventually learn.

Sometimes i wonder why the heck i would make the same mistakes so many times for sometimes it seemed like i learned nothing knew.

I prefer not to judge myself anymore nor get down on myself no matter what i do.

I’ve learned that!

With that i can make the best of any situation.

Nothing is really ever that painful yet when we add fear and guilt and shame or any other additive that makes matters worse we increase are pain substantially.

That said there is still always a price to pay if you break the natural laws of nature.

I can choose to go through pain peacefully.

I always deserve the best and to love myself with all my actions.

p.s. Spell check states : The pronoun “i”should always be capitalized. Consider “I” instead

I’ve considered and stated : “i” will mention this again “i” does not have to be
capitalized anymore i changed the rules of english “We” does though always. 🙂

© Louis J. Auslander 4/15/15

Welcome to my awakening said the Sun

to the Moon who had

Sunken behind the horizon and into the

Night with a fading good by…

~L.J.A.(circa 2005-2007)
Everything I need to see is right here in front of me…
Everything I need not here

is floating in my rear view mirror…

~L.J.A.(circa 2005-2007)


We feed off of each other.

Lets serve each other plates of love and compassion

as wisdom and knowledge flow to and fro sustaining us with courage and

strength to serve our highest needs of sharing, love and learning.

~ Louis J. Auslander 4/3/15
© Louis J. Auslander 4/4/15

Fail !?!?!?! I don’t even want to define such a thing.

I do not identify in anyway with failure. I do not know of failure.

I had more to learn I never seen it as failure. ~Louis J. Auslander


We feed off of each other. Lets serve each other plates of love and compassion

as wisdom and knowledge flow to and fro sustaining us with courage and

strength to serve our highest needs of sharing, love and learning.
~ Louis J. Auslander


Amazing the things I have found in alleys!

It’s like the urban free aisle at a store if there was such an aisle at the store.~ Louis J. Auslander


© Louis J. Auslander 4/1/15

We must age to a certain degree but at what rate that we remain youthful is of our own choices and doing to a large degree.


Surprisingly, we can also re-establish many of our youthful qualities that we may have thought were lost for good.


The human body is remarkable resilient in its ability to repair and restore when given the right chemical make-up to do so.


It  is truly unbelievable to witness the transition within yourself yet, I myself am living proof of just that.


I once thought that I was old and for all practical purposes, I was.


Overweight, smoking 2 packs a day, drinking alcohol way to much, eating unwholesome foods, lungs were coughing and wheezing through the night.


I have told the story before, yet it is worth repeating.


I am not telling you this to boast or brag for that is not who I am.


Back when I was a drinking, smoking, junk food eating fool, sure enough bragging and boasting and thinking I was better and smarter than others was

precedent in that cruel world I lived in.


Oh, I tell you it’s hard when all you have is that ego strong as all hell to hold on to as your only strength.


It’s hard to see when your in that position. From that view point, life becomes askew, down seems up and up seems down.


Many may not get what I am saying here or many may not want to understand such words of defiance against their own egos.


Who you think you are does not have to be you.


This is worth repeating perhaps, in a slightly different way.


What you have become does not have to be you.


You do not have to continue in the direction you are going.


Having lived an entirely different way then, than I do now has changed the world I see before my eyes.


The world I live in now was incomprehensible to me back when I was old some years back.


It would have been a severe injustice to myself if I would never have broken free into who I am now.


I think we all are in need of improvements, myself included.


I am not done and there now.


There is no done and there.


There is no mission accomplished.


This is life it is an ever learning experience.


When we refuse to learn, when we refuse to grow, when we refuse try new things, this is when we start to die.


This is when we get old.


Our bodies will age with time, but if we decide to give them wholesome food and break away from bad habits youth will be restored.


Be young again, you owe it to yourself no matter what age you are!


©2012 Louis J. Auslander

So I tried something new and fasted for 48 hours. I have only drank water for the last 2 days. Amazingly, I have had a very great experience.


I took it kinda easy the first day yet, I did walk a couple of miles and did attend a yoga class other then that I read and took it easy getting in


more tune with my body. My yoga class was one of the best ones I ever attended I felt tremendous amounts of joy. The whole fasting


experience was full of joy quite often. I was surprised that I have not felt to much hunger or cravings for food. There were some but I guess I put


myself into the mindset of seeing this through for the betterment of my health and not as some sort of sacrifice or as depriving myself of food. I did have


some dreams of food and of eating It seemed tougher in the dreamworld more so then in my waking world. Perhaps That is where I dealt with


some of the tougher times which then allowed me to enjoy the fast. I honestly did enjoy it so much I decided I was


going to go for a run today. I was not sure what this would do but I felt it was what I should do, so I did.


I ran 5 miles at what would be hour 42 of the water fast. Running on empty was surprisingly one of the most amazing joyful runs I have ever


had. I was smiling and loving it all the way. I went into the gym and thought lets have a go at some pull-ups. I have been working on those


since the winter and the maximum I have done at one time was 5 or maybe 6. Today I was able to do ten no problem.


I do not recommend for anyone to do what I do. I do recommend getting in touch with your intuition and listening to it and your body then you can


never go wrong no matter how outlandish it may seem. I do recommend to push the limits of yourself to question everything you think you know and


to try knew things in life. This has been my third fast ever the other two were for 24 hours. This by far has been the most enjoyable body and mind


learning experience of the three. Maybe next spring I will go for a week fast who knows I will have to see that then for now, I know I have made the


right decisions. I am now at hour 46 and still feel quite well and not overly hungry. Energy wise I still have much. Who would have thought?


Not me! You never know nothing new until you try something new. I do look forward to eating in 2 hours though!


Happy Easter to ALL !!!

     Oh jeez, I just looked at the temperature now 16 brrrrr…. degrees in Chicago.

I thought it was kinda cold out there on my run today.

It was not that big of a deal though…… Why?

Partially because I am used to running in all types of weather but, more so

because of the mindset and perceptions I choose to embrace.

First off, I never checked the temperature before I ran. I watched no scary news

that said “Bitter cold freeze, bundle up and stay inside!” With that I was open to experience it,

as it is with an open mind and an open body. Well, the open body thing I kind of made up,

that is a way I came up with to go through cold weather. You have to be loose and non-rigid when it is frigid.

I kind of vision the cold wind going through me as I put up no resistance to it. This seems to work for me, with that out of the way I can focus on my running

and the environment laid out before me. I have little time or energy to concern myself with an unecessary mindset of suffering due to

conditions that are out of my control. I adapt to nature and in return suprisingly at times nature adapts to me. The symbiotic relationship

between nature and I puts a smile on my face more times then not. A smile can can take you through many of mile.

    This sort of mindset tranfers to other areas of my life. There are many situations in life out of our control. I know the ego does not like to here that.

In my experience it is not the ego that truly gives you the strength to carry on. It’s beyond the ego where the true strength to endure great feats of physical and

mental endurance exist. Life will certainly throw its fair share of trouble and difficult situations our way. Adding suffering to them, adding more pain

by thinking in negative ways only makes it worse. How many times do I have to hear ” I had a tough week I deserve to ______!”. You can fill in the blank.

I have filled in that blank with so  much more pain then was ever needed for more then a decade. I have unlearned much of this and relearned to treat my body and

mind in a good positive way. Filling that blank with something good for yourself is what you deserve. Dealing with situations in the best light that you can when they occur,

rather then building them up all week then adding more pain as an avoidance of it is only creating more pain for yourself. The ego will always tell you “Stay the course… Do as I did yesterday…Why change?”

It is the small voice of reason behind this voice that is worth listening to. Build this small voice moment by moment and in time this voice will become stronger as will you!


“How does an artist find himself?”

Well he searches,
he looks high, he looks low,
in places he knows.
Where things that he likes,
are fostered and grown.

“Then is he found?”

Oh no… not at all, he must look so much further.
He looks deeper into things, himself and others.
So now he looks closer and works on his seeing.
Unlearns what he learned and develops new meanings.

“So surely by now… Has he found his niche?”

Oh, a niche is a ditch full with pride riddled answers.
He can die right there with his own famous cancers.


He can keep searching…

© 2012 Louie J. Auslander

Does practice make perfect?

It certainly gets you closer, then you realize there is more to learn.

Practice, Practice, Practice…

This is all I ever do,

Practice, Practice, Practice…

A better me for you,

Practice, Practice, Practice…

Until I get it right,

Practice, Practice, Practice…

Through my days and nights…

I would venture to say we all know ways in which we can become better. Our only competition in life is truly ourself. Do something special for yourself today. You deserve the best of you. Be aware of your own bad habits and learn to unlearn them. Learn to practice bettering yourself. We build ourselves in the moments of everyday, through the little decisions we make. Make this day a special day for you and those around you! Remember to Practice, Practice, Practice…

I have always been one to take my time with things. Get to know them. Ease into things. Which has been very safe and good for me in many ways. It is not the only way though. I have been unlearning and relearning very much about myself for the last 7 years or so. There are other ways. To settle into our ways is to stop learning. Do I have to lose my gradual cautious side? Of course not, this is part of me and a very good part of me. Yet, I can learn and have learned to be more courageous. To jump sometimes without knowing where I may be going, to count on instinct, to dive into fear head on knowing I will survive. Now, I become stronger. Now, I have both skills. The skill to stay still and figure before I move and the skill to move and figure as I go. Developing both, I have become better at both. Being able to see things in other ways makes one more of a multi dimentional person. To see things from only one perspective makes life stagnant and flat. To see life from multiple perspectives leads us to a more realistic truth and  understanding of life. The easiest answer is seldom the best.
This year I am taking and trying many new things and getting to know life even better. Taking interest in the unknown gradually and cautiously at times and at times just jumping into the unknown. Developing the intuition to know when to do which is the key. I am getting better at this as I go. It is all a learning process in which I embrace with full mind ,body and soul. I want to share with you my journey. I also want to share what I have learned along my way in hopes that it may be helpful in your lives as well.
So, I am new to blogging and am not a “techie” by any means. I am figuring much of this out as I go. I wanted it to be perfect before I told anyone of it. But when would that be? I just kept getting caught up in the technical end which frustrated me more then anything. Content of my writting and sharing what has worked for me in life is whats important. The fine tuning and tweeking on the technical end will come as I go, if even needed. I have been working on this off and on since November, feel free to browse around and look through the archives. I plan on blogging 2 to 3 times a week maybe more, maybe less. We will have to see how things go. NOW …….. I JUMP!