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As pluto an uranus square off it is an ideal time within

the universe to settle our issues within us if we choose.

As issues are brought to the forefront and if we are

mindful and conscious of ourselves this review period

can offer us much growth.

Not easy and maybe very challenging to see ourselves

and review our own actions as to why life seems so

frustrating during these periods. Many people and

situations may seem to be not going with us and perhaps

we feel attacked at times. We can choose to look at this

differently. We can choose to take more responsibility

and not take what others vent on us as our problems or

someone to fight against. For these are their issues and

ours are ours and the reason their issues are coming at

us is we have something in us that is attracting them. So

mind our own do not take such personally and let are

actions be one of compassion and love towards others

and towards ourself. There is no real communication in

anger or in fighting. Yet, when we choose to care for those

whom actions maybe attacking and unjust we reach their

heart and we reach ours and together we make it better

and we embrace the miracle of love which is always so.

Remembering who we truly are; and that is ”love”, is what

we all have a need for. Help those who need it and you

will have helped the universe and you will receive as you

give. Much love to all and lets take care of ourselves and

one another!

©Louis J. Auslander 4/1/15

There were these low lives that thought they were above it all.

For years perhaps decades they put down those they felt were below them.

Oh, if you did not work as much as them or have as much materials or live your

every waking hour for capitol gains you were not of their caliber. You were clearly

below them and were to be put into categories by them looked down upon, treated

as their inferiors. Feelings huh? they had little feelings for they were low lives.

High lives those that are heeding to the highest of spirit those that are at the

highest of their beings put feelings of others and themselves as the highest and

top priority. Feelings and sincere relationships are of top priority for a high life yet a

low life uses manipulation and control, uses a “me” first mentality, uses the world

for their own personal gain and puts this as their priority. If you use the “New World” in which we

now live you will feel used . If you give to the “New World ” we now live in you will receive.

Many are frustrated as of late because they are attempting to use old dark world ways in the

“New World”. The good news is you can always change your ways and the sooner the better. If

you are just for yourself and your family and your political group and your religion and your

nationality or your sex , or any grouping or alienating of others or of the world rather than being

for all the world you are fighting a war within and your freedom and peace of mind is dependent

on you being a high life and answering to whom you truly are which is a soul of higher purpose.

Relinquish your suffering and let go of what you are not for your own peace of mind. You deserve the

best as does the world! Peace and love to All Forever…

© Louis J. Auslander 7/18/14

Serendipity is everywhere…

I feel my way through this beautiful life…

I feel the way as nature leads me in the now where everything

works in unison, where all is one…

We are the process we are they day, the light, the darkness and the night…

We are in all the moments one with all and we are that moment…

The divine is with us and nature guides us and comforts us with bliss

an the strength of pure love which we are and have always been…

Wake up to whom you are!

Break free of the delusions that bind you to what you have never been.

You are a being of light!

You are spirit!

Return to the grace that is you and live that life where…

Serendipity is everywhere …

feel your way through this beautiful life…

DSC_0180© Louis J. Auslander 6/13/14

As we divulge our inner most self to others we are strengthened not weakened.

It’s when we claim ownership over those that we share with do we feel a divide

if we are to part ways. Then we feel a sense of lose when the relationship is no

longer what it was, or no longer physically exist at all. If you are to love fully

and unconditionally in the realization of the impermanence of all life in the

physical plane. There is never a loss only gains. There are no relationships

in the physical realm that will last forever. Within the mind relationships need

never end. It’s been sometime since I have read “Tuesdays with Morrie” but it

was  great book about a great man that was on his death bed of sorts

and yet he he was full of life till his very last breath . Now that’s the way to go…

giving all the way and I would like to say he still is…

Here are a few quotes from my friend Morrie whom I may have never met in

person in this lifetime but he has touched my heart dearly.

So I share:

“There’s a big confusion in this country over what we want versus what we need.
You need food, you want a chocolate sundae. You have to be honest with yourself.
You don’t need the latest sports car, you don’t need the biggest house. The truth is,
you don’t get satisfaction from those things. You know what really gives
you satisfaction? Offering others what you have to give.”~Morrie

“Death ends a life, not a relationship.” (174) – Morrie

© Louis J. Auslander 6/12/14

“Soul Searching…” not so

Broken distraction on the go…

We do not search for what we are.

We break the routine of what we are not.

We listen and answer to what we are and have always been.

We avoid the voice that has no choice but to be a slave to its routine of mundane.

We’re alive not intoxicated on food, drink and medicines that leave us empty and disconnected.

We do not look to these escapes from ourselves we love ourselves.

You deserve to love yourself not abuse through food substances that leave you less connected to you.

Look forward to being you! Many times digesting less will bring you closer to you rather than

identifying with your weekend substance foods and drinks and such that take you away from you and life.

The search is over you are above it all not hidden underneath what is not you anymore and truthfully never was.

You are free or you are a prisoner of your own making.

Do you identify with what does not serve your soul?

Do you identify that which does not serve your vehicle(body)?

Do you identify with that which does not serve your mind?

Identify with your soul for it is you!

Listen it knows more than you can possibly ever think!


You are Soul!

The search is as simple as taking away what you are not,

Then the soul you are and have always been will shine through…

© Louis J. Auslander 5/23/14

Learn your lessons or they will keep being thrown in your face.

Get fed up with whatever it is that is holding yourself back from learning.

Once you learn the small amount of pleasure provided does not outweigh

the pain it causes to continue doing the behavior it’s time to take action.

This was my thought process that helped me unlearn some very painful

self behaviors. I  still to this day am working on my diet which to

most would be almost perfect.

But I do not settle for almost.

I deserve the best as do you!

Slowly but surely deny the urges to do unhealthy behaviors to yourself

by rationalizing the outcome being more painful than the initial

delusion of pleasure they provide.

Realize the truth in this.

Do not feel guilty if you backslide because this is part of the

process of learning(or unlearning in many cases).

Do persist and know that it will get better and better with time…

It takes considerably less time to break unhealthy habits

then it did to make them.

Find solace in this as you persist…

You know what to do!

Now do it!

You deserve the best!


©2012 Louis J. Auslander

You can change as many external things in life that you like,


your location,


your habits,


your lover,


your addictions, etc ,etc ….


Yet, until you have changed  internally,


your thoughts,


your ways of seeing things,


your reactions to life,


nothing will have really changed.


Outside influences can be a catalyst to change but  change is an internal affair.



© 2012 Louis J. Auslander


Why does the general public still even listen to the media as a form of reality?


The media has as much power as the listeners choose to give it.


Why give up this power?


Its willingly giving up reality for a belief in someone else’s formatted agenda twisted driven  reality.


Sometimes there is some truth to the news.


Sometimes there is complete fabrication.


Sometimes it is somewhere in between.


Inevitably in most, if not all cases this reality they portray is there  to sway your thoughts.


Many times complete nonsense is the story of the day, the week, the year.


Then everyone is complaining ” How is this newsworthy!” they scream and yell.


“Who cares about this?” they scream!, “We should be concerned about this instead?” they bark out with hands raised in anger!


We claim stake over the news media that we so identify with as our source of reality.


Other stories captivate and play on severe injustices which turn the listeners into a vengeful lynch mob.


Watching intently to the day justice is served and the villain hung before all.


Either way they play their game to captivate you into their reality drawing upon a judgement in you.


Oh, these are but a couple of the techniques that have been going on and played on the public since


the beginnings of human organized society.


The truth that I have become to realize is that the world is far worst and far better then they will ever portray


in mainstream news media.


The world in which you live in is heaven or hell depending on how you see it and how you make it.


To find your personal heaven or hell in this world is your choice.


Why let the news media influence your reality?


It’s your head what do you want in it?


Will this ever change?


Is it really reality?


That choice is ours.


© 2012 Louis J. Auslander

I run through all kinds of weather,

all kinds of weather runs through me.

I run through pain and pleasure,

pain and pleasure run through me.

The more I look into running,

the more running looks into me.

The more running gives to my life,

the more life I have to give.

I run with life,

life runs with me.

I am running,

running is me…

© 2012 Louie J. Auslander

The purity of our diet affects,

the purity of our body.

The purity of our body affects,

the purity of our thoughts.

The purity of our thoughts affects,

the purity of the mind.

The purity of our mind affects

our insights, inspirations, connectedness

and outlook on life!

© 2012 Louie J. Auslander