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If life is game to you,

if you’re plotting your next play to do,

then more is loss from you.

There may be monetary gain for you,

yet if the ways are not true,

there will be a significant loss for you,

at such a cost to you.


When your part of that game,

You will have gone far away…

Where have you gone?

How could you play?

When you sell out your soul

for a chance and a roll.

“You” will be lost for paying that toll.


If you want to win at life,

go at it with all your might.

Give all of you, too all you do.

Give all of you to all.

There are no cards worth hiding,

A life of deceiving and conniving is a shame.

So level up and then you’ll see life is not a game!



©2012 Louis J. Auslander