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Is your lawn perfect?

Bio diversity is perfection.

Several kinds of grass and plant life along with so called weeds

and wild flowers should occupy a perfect plot. Do you have such?

Do you spay weed killers homemade or otherwise thinking you


A spring surprise appears some purple wild flowers!

know better than nature?

Do you get a service that sprays to make your

lawn green and ruins the bio diverse perfection to

replace it with your version of perfection?

So you know perfection huh?

Work with nature not against it then…

you will know perfection.

I mow my lawn, I trim and primp here and there but I try my best and

succeed in working with nature making for quite an array of varied plant

life. Numerous species of ground cover full the land and that is a show nature

chose to do. It is perfection and full of surprises from year to year new wild flowers

show up, new types of grass and plant life all working together symbiotically

creating this wonderful perfection! This bio diversity attracts all sorts of

animals and insects that are visible to the senses and what is not seen in the way

of smaller living organisms are also at work in this perfection that is life! Get out of

the way and let nature create that perfect lawn! Tending to the land in ways of

preserving its unique bio diversity should be a priority in lawn care a service

where less is more, this will serve you and Mother Earth for the highest good!

© Louis J. Auslander 5/30/14