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Serendipity is everywhere…

I feel my way through this beautiful life…

I feel the way as nature leads me in the now where everything

works in unison, where all is one…

We are the process we are they day, the light, the darkness and the night…

We are in all the moments one with all and we are that moment…

The divine is with us and nature guides us and comforts us with bliss

an the strength of pure love which we are and have always been…

Wake up to whom you are!

Break free of the delusions that bind you to what you have never been.

You are a being of light!

You are spirit!

Return to the grace that is you and live that life where…

Serendipity is everywhere …

feel your way through this beautiful life…

DSC_0180© Louis J. Auslander 6/13/14

Give a smile!

Share some love and kindness with those you run into.

Do this often, it works wonders into your life.

Be real with it, not a thrown on smile, not an “act” of kindness.

Sincerity is the key, care about others, smile from your soul, connect with others.

There are times when others may not smile back they may look at you with hard looks or grief.

This is ok, they need it more than the ones that smile back .

Do not take it personally, they are in a bad place at the time.

Still keep smiling!

Do not be quick to judge or identify someone as this or that type of person just by looking at them.

Any one you encounter is more like you than they are different.

We all bleed, want to be loved, have suffered, are alive now and will pass away from our physical form someday.

Life is to short not to be happy!

We have a choice of how we can feel in any given moment.

Choosing to share your love with a smile between souls will exponentially grow

throughout all!

Give a smile!

: ) —> : ) —> : )


©2012 Louis J. Auslander

In the moment, nothing is ever as bad as you make it seem.

You are breathing right?

You are alive right?

You have much to be grateful for then.

Decisions that change your life are made within the moment.

To not continue with a bad habit is a decision made over and

over within the moment when it arises. It is not forever that you

need worry about. Now in the present is the only time which you

need address. You need not jump into making poor decisions.

You can ponder it as much or as little as you want yet, you truly

always know the answer and what is best for you to do.

Making the right decision for you is what you need to do.

Not harming you or anyone else is the decision to always make.

Once you make the right decision more and more within the

moment it becomes easier and you build strength and courage

to do what is right for you and all.

There is but the moment to do what needs to be done.

Live the life you deserve by doing whats best for all.

You can never take back a bad decision.

Holding off until you make a good decision is much better

than making a fast poor decision. The more we practice

being mindful in our decision making in the moment the better

life becomes for all.


Have a Great Day!  Smile and Make a Difference!  : )


©2012 Louis J. Auslander








© vintage pencil work 1991-2012 Louis J. Auslander

I think anything worth having sells itself.


Sure an artist can advertise and market and spend much of their time working on reaching out to people.


I see many that do.


Mediocre artist yet, excellent salesmen, marketers and advertisers can and do generate profits.


Now to me a true artist is not about profits yet the true artist will make huge profits if they pursue perfection in their art and leave the sales to their product.


The mediocre artist decides to make what they think will sell.


They spend more time and effort on sales then they do on becoming a better artist.


They make it so far and then say, “ok, this is good enough to sell!”.


They sell themselves short in my opinion.


Looking for attention, fame, and money they settle for mediocre work and a decent wage.


What if you put all your effort into your artwork?



What if you had the patience to pursue perfection?


What if you went for years without making any profits yet focused all your energies on getting better and better at your craft?


The thing is, we don’t really know what greatness we are capable of.


We do know that if we do what sells, if we settle for mediocracy, if we focus on selling, we can generate a decent wage.


None of the best artist that ever existed or still are alive settled for this.


Some of the best artist may have never made money and some were filthy rich from there efforts.


Either way, rich or poor I guarantee the best of the best most definitely learned more and lived more enriched lives than those that sold themselves short.


You deserve the best!


Be and pursue the best of yourself!



© 2012 Louis J. Auslander