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If your senses tell you it does not taste good why deny your senses?

Interesting many will look to ways to make something appeal to their taste and digest such so called foods because they were told it is what is healthy or that the body needs this food substance for whatever ailment they may have. Yet, the body clearly tells you by tasting that it does not desire such. The mind is useful  not as much so when it is so foolish that it does not listen to the body.

If we do not desire a food in its raw natural form without additives to make it palatable then the body is telling you it does not desire the food nor is it something you need for health or wellness.

Are natural instincts and senses know what we need to know listen to them strengthen them through raw natural fruits from nature and you will know in the moment what to do to take care of you!

© Louis J. Auslander 5/19/15

Serendipity is everywhere…

I feel my way through this beautiful life…

I feel the way as nature leads me in the now where everything

works in unison, where all is one…

We are the process we are they day, the light, the darkness and the night…

We are in all the moments one with all and we are that moment…

The divine is with us and nature guides us and comforts us with bliss

an the strength of pure love which we are and have always been…

Wake up to whom you are!

Break free of the delusions that bind you to what you have never been.

You are a being of light!

You are spirit!

Return to the grace that is you and live that life where…

Serendipity is everywhere …

feel your way through this beautiful life…

DSC_0180© Louis J. Auslander 6/13/14

Is your lawn perfect?

Bio diversity is perfection.

Several kinds of grass and plant life along with so called weeds

and wild flowers should occupy a perfect plot. Do you have such?

Do you spay weed killers homemade or otherwise thinking you


A spring surprise appears some purple wild flowers!

know better than nature?

Do you get a service that sprays to make your

lawn green and ruins the bio diverse perfection to

replace it with your version of perfection?

So you know perfection huh?

Work with nature not against it then…

you will know perfection.

I mow my lawn, I trim and primp here and there but I try my best and

succeed in working with nature making for quite an array of varied plant

life. Numerous species of ground cover full the land and that is a show nature

chose to do. It is perfection and full of surprises from year to year new wild flowers

show up, new types of grass and plant life all working together symbiotically

creating this wonderful perfection! This bio diversity attracts all sorts of

animals and insects that are visible to the senses and what is not seen in the way

of smaller living organisms are also at work in this perfection that is life! Get out of

the way and let nature create that perfect lawn! Tending to the land in ways of

preserving its unique bio diversity should be a priority in lawn care a service

where less is more, this will serve you and Mother Earth for the highest good!

© Louis J. Auslander 5/30/14

For the better part of nothing,

I found a clearing there,

with space to breathe,

a place so freed.

I found my solace there.


For the better part of nothing,

It  is more than blank I see

It is the white,

that frames the sight

around the objects that are to be.



For the better part of nothing,

all sound will travel there

it will amplify and fade

yet always return,

from where it came.


For the better part of nothing,

the non-touch of the touch

the subtle in between,

so light, so soft, so slow

yet felt beyond extreme.



For the better part of nothing,

no boredom do I find.

refreshed, reset,


I found my peace of mind.


©2012 Louis J. Auslander


©2012 Louis J. Auslander

The soil had to be turned over and over again.

The weeds removed by their roots like bad habits,

yanked and pulled from my very soul.

Just below the surface roots were easily chopped

and cut away with the spade.

This was only a temporary fix at best.

The tap roots run deep, they the source that branch out

to assure their survival. I worked hard in the light of day


digging deep into the earth. I followed the rootlets

from their up rooted surfaces to their taproots deep within.

One by one these clusters of tuberous roots were being removed.

The soul turned over and over again cleansed of waste and debris

rooted bad habits removed at the surface and then deeper at their source.

The turning of the soil creates space for air to travel through the earth.

The earth breathes in the same purifying air that we do the toxins released

©2012 Louis J. Auslander

and dissipated as we exhale them into the flowing wind.

After much aeration, uprooting and cleansing of debris the soils wondrous

matrix is taking foot.

©2012 Louis J. Auslander

Now we feed the soil.


Now we feed the soul.


Now we have,


some space.


for the garden to grow…


©2012 Louis J. Auslander


The robins and seagulls have returned,

as the tulip shoots have sprung from the underground.

The days are getting longer , all of nature is

gradually wakening from its winter slumber.

The fly, much to slow on the windowsill

awakened to early, then put to rest for

good by the dog who digests this annoying flutter.

The air is different, the silence of the winter is

slowly being replaced by the song of birds.

As I lay basking in the sun of spring, absorbing

all the nuances of nature as they are becoming anew.

The raucous crying of a colony of gulls opens my eyes.

It’s hard to tell wether they are teasing or crying, laughing or dying.

I block the sun with my hand and look into the sky high above,

I witness the hawk patiently gliding round and round the colony with

wings spread out. The gulls going up and down, in and out, in all directions

as are their cries. The hawk well composed circles the colony with great patience and pose.

I revel in my embodiment, my newness, my oneness

with all that is around me, that is of me, below me,

and above me. I welcome the awakening!



© 2012 Louis J. Auslander

Oh fall, with your stench of death and decay,

lead us to the darkest and coldest of seasons.

Into the winter we go bundled up and readied to embrace,

these parts of ourselves.

For this is the season of inner growth, the season of understanding.

We find the light within us to guide our way,

as the roots run deep beneath the earths surface,

as seeds lie frozen

and asleep, awaiting the thaw of spring.

These seeds have been planted long ago.

We wait with the patience of winter,

we wait in the dormant state…

We wait until the glorious thawing of spring,

then all will come anew!

© 2012 Louie J. Auslander

Winter is the  the calmest of the seasons. Very reserved, so mature, so quiet.

Patient is winter … patient as can be…

I find it as a time to go within myself, a time to resurrect.

Nature holds it’s cards tight to it’s chest in the coldest of seasons.

The spring reveal will be soon ….

Many wait and clamor for spring.

I enjoy it, I revel in getting to know myself  better.

Winter is deep and deep I shall go

So deep, so deep…

To the core of the soul.

©2012 Louis J. Auslander

© 2012 Louie J. Auslander