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My latest woe is my latest lesson

When met with peace and not aggression.

When tightened up and held in tension

With pain locked in from such retention.

The key is through not round about,

Now if put in,

Can be taken out…

Slowly… slowly… turn the key into the pain with

Calm and ease…

Going in… “Oh, so much more!”

The pain has you on the moaning floor.


And go …

Further in…


Let go pain dwindling…

Breathe and go …

Turn key some more…

Breathe in…

Breathe out…..

Feel the ease

Let it go with the breeze…

© Louis J. Auslander 5/9/15

My ability to endure is uncanny.

I’ve made some of the same mistakes so many times in my life.

I do know that i eventually learn.

Sometimes i wonder why the heck i would make the same mistakes so many times for sometimes it seemed like i learned nothing knew.

I prefer not to judge myself anymore nor get down on myself no matter what i do.

I’ve learned that!

With that i can make the best of any situation.

Nothing is really ever that painful yet when we add fear and guilt and shame or any other additive that makes matters worse we increase are pain substantially.

That said there is still always a price to pay if you break the natural laws of nature.

I can choose to go through pain peacefully.

I always deserve the best and to love myself with all my actions.

p.s. Spell check states : The pronoun “i”should always be capitalized. Consider “I” instead

I’ve considered and stated : “i” will mention this again “i” does not have to be
capitalized anymore i changed the rules of english “We” does though always. 🙂

© Louis J. Auslander 4/15/15

It is insane to not think that the chemicals we put into our bodies do not cause

mental and emotional anguish. Many have cured themselves of mental

disorders by switching their diets to a natural, pure diet of fruits and vegetables.

I do not know that it works for all illness, but it will make it much more manageable in

many. America as a nation is way over medicated  for every  little ill feeling

that arises. I am speaking mostly of the anti-depression, anxiety and emotional

type medications in this post. Although any pills that are taken to avoid

persistent pain should be evaluated to correct the cause rather than avoid the

symptoms. Pain, discomfort, depression, anxiety are all symptoms of a

problem not to be masked and band aided by a pill that blocks the symptom.

In doing so, the underlying problem still exist and will come out again one way

or another. Pain is the bodies way of telling you there is a problem. The pain is

not the problem. Pain is the indicator. Getting rid of the pain by blocking your

ability to feel it does not correct the problem. There are many that get off of

these medications that cause severe problems and recover their sanity through a

vegetarian or vegan diet. The medical approach and procedure should be to

establish a natural foundation within the body first and foremost before going

to medications. I guess the idea with these medications is to supress or avoid all emotions.

I know this is a complaint I have heard from many who have taken them for

depression. They don’t like feeling nothing/no emotions. So, they want off of

them and when they try to get off of them violence occurs. Well, heres the thing

that does not work. Emotions are what make us human. Through drugs and

chemicals we make unhumans and then wonder why we have such

inhuman acts? Absurd! We must take back our health and be responsible for

the health of our children. Don’t tell me this bullshIt that the medications help your son

or daughter and it was our last resort if you did not first try a natural vegetarian

or vegan diet! This is a very sensitive subject I know and what I say may piss

some off ,but it has to be said! It’s a taboo subject in many ways. Very few talk

about the fact they are on pills like this let alone talk openly about their children

being on such. The mentality that I just want my son or daughter back to

him/herself is understandable. The fact that you want to not be depressed

anymore and want it over now is understandable. The problem is in the thinking

that there is a quick fix via medications. The chemicals you put in over years via

diet very well are enhancing and in many cases outright causing the problems!

The cure is the bodies natural healing which will occur upon restoring its balance

through a balanced diet of natural whole foods. If you have a chemical imbalance

don’t you think you should maybe straighten out the chemicals you are

putting in rather than add new chemicals to further disturb the imbalance.

Please I urge you to look to the chemicals/foods you put into your body as a

cause to many if not all of your health issues. I would also urge anyone that

is caught up in medications and know they are not truly helping, to find  a

way with the help of a naturopathic physician to get off of them and establish

a nature whole food based diet. Covert to a vegetarian or vegan diet before

getting caught up in the medications and further jeopardizing your health.

The quick fix is seldom the longterm fix for ones health. The body does not

fill with disease and illness overnight nor does it  heal immediately.

Take care of yourself, Take care of your loved ones, spread the message and

share the truth, love and understanding amongst us all!

©2012 Louis J. Auslander


The other day having read a post by a facebook friend of mine

“The best runners are the ones that can suffer better.” by Gary Allen,

an experienced marathon athlete /motivational speaker who has done

a sub 3 hour marathon in  5 consecutive decades. It got me thinking about

my views on this. Having read the responses, I  realized that I think

quite differently  then  many about this. I really don’t think there is one right

way or wrong way to look at it. Whatever works for you, works for you. I do think

in sharing our different views we can learn from one another.



Running to me is not about pain or suffering and not about shutting off parts

of my brain from feeling the pain.

Addiction is  about suffering and pain.

Running is not an addiction to me.

I worked hard to cure myself of many addictions.

I make sure running is not one of them.

I see running as a healthy habit.

Addiction in many ways is the embracing of pain as a form of pleasure.

Addictions give short term pleasure and long term pain.

Healthy habits are the opposite short term pain, long term pleasure.

When I run more  times then not, there is no pain at all just pleasure.

Yet,  to say there is no pain in running would be  a lie.

When pushing your self limits there is what I like to refer to as discomfort, not exactly pain.

I feel running addiction is something to beware of, something to watch out for in yourself.

It is easy  to go through life quitting one addiction then developing a different one.

The transfer of an addiction to running addiction could be a considerably tricky one,

in which you may think you are doing something good for your health.

We must check ourselves as to what we are running from here?

The root cause so to speak.

With many addictions we are doing a substance or habit to avoid some pain, yet

in return it is causing us  long term pain on top of the pain we are  avoiding.

In my mind, if running were to be about pain and suffering it would be almost exactly like  addiction.



So how does one suffer better  to become a better runner?

Initially my short sightedness did not see the truth in this statement.

To some it may mean suffering more and fighting through that suffering.

To others it maybe conquering suffering through engaging pleasure.

Either way the wisdom and words of the experienced athlete Gary Allen ring true.

I think with running and with much of life we will find that there are many different ways to do things.

It’s our jobs as individuals to find  out what works best for us.


So what is running to me?


It is my love and my passion.

It is  my gift to  myself as it is my gift to the world.

It is a constant attempt and pursuit to the  perfection of the mind, body and soul.

It is overcoming difficulty not  by adding suffering but by adding pleasure.

At times it reminds me of a hurricane where there is pain and chaos all around but,

if I  persist and push through the discomfort and see it in the best of light I will

arrive in the eye of the hurricane.

This is where I strive to go.

This is where there is peace and tranquility.

This is where I feel overwhelming pleasure.

I do not look for this perfect place outside of me, I look for it and find it inside of me.

Within this state of grace there is no pain, just pleasure.

Running to me is about love and pleasure.

This I find most powerful!

This is what I run with!



© 2012 Louis J. Auslander








I run through all kinds of weather,

all kinds of weather runs through me.

I run through pain and pleasure,

pain and pleasure run through me.

The more I look into running,

the more running looks into me.

The more running gives to my life,

the more life I have to give.

I run with life,

life runs with me.

I am running,

running is me…

© 2012 Louie J. Auslander

Change is difficult at first but we must work through this to reap the benefits of change. Here’s something I think of when going through positive changes in my life. Short term pain leads to long term pleasure. Short term pleasure leads to long term pain. This is overly simplified but is very helpful when breaking bad habits and developing new good habits. Pay it forward always works. Give now… get later. Investing in yourself and your health will pay great dividends. You deserve the Best of You! Make it happen! You can do it!