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My latest woe is my latest lesson

When met with peace and not aggression.

When tightened up and held in tension

With pain locked in from such retention.

The key is through not round about,

Now if put in,

Can be taken out…

Slowly… slowly… turn the key into the pain with

Calm and ease…

Going in… “Oh, so much more!”

The pain has you on the moaning floor.


And go …

Further in…


Let go pain dwindling…

Breathe and go …

Turn key some more…

Breathe in…

Breathe out…..

Feel the ease

Let it go with the breeze…

© Louis J. Auslander 5/9/15

You cannot lose your love my dear.

Misplace it as you may.

For deep within yourself,

is where it will always stay.


You cannot lose your love my dear,

when given it multiplies.

It doubles to whom you give,

and triples your love inside.


You cannot lose your love my dear.

Although you think you have.

Delusions of a love lost

can drive a lover mad.


You cannot lose your love my dear.

 The truth is easy to swallow.

Love will fill you with more love

and never leave you hollow.



You cannot lose your love my dear.

When you learn to give your love,

give not to entrap your love,

nor think it owes you any.


When you relearn true love my dear,

your love will always be of plenty!


©2012 Louis J. Auslander




So I connected with an old lover in an ole lost way.

Met in the dream world so far away.

We were running the streets looking for some place to hide away.

Running and a hiding our love away.

So connected to an old lover in an old time frame.

Wondering why we could not give, what we learned to hide away.

Reconciled my old love

got back the best of me.

Now no love to hide away

My love has set me free.


©2012 Louis J. Auslander

When you are tired of attack.

Learn to pause…

before you react.

Listen to your heart to guide you so.


When you learn there is no need to defend,

the truth then becomes your friend.

That certain sadness of another,

can you soften it for your brother…

extend a heart of help to clear his view.


“No need to fight to prove I’m right!”

For Pete sake those lyrics were great.

Turn it up and contemplate…




Can they hear ?


“The kids are alright”

He whispered,

“No need to fear.”

The truth sings true,

through all the years…


© 2012 Louis J. Auslander

Be your best!


Rise above your ways,

and learn to rest.


Pass each test!


Lives lessons will teach,

let the love manifest.


The ones that are scared

will try to share their fear.

They will try to control you

and take you and scold you.


So lift up your head!

We don’t fear the dead.

We’re way to alive,

to do what they said.


We know of the truth

as knowledge is clear.

Their lies and deceit

will leave them in fear.


No enemies here!

They are not in my mind.

I treat all fairly,

honestly and  kind.


©2012 Louis J. Auslander






Silence was given to me from a friend of mime.

With eyes wide open he dropped no dime.

As some saw his savory as a naive form of slavery.

He knew with such eyes he was saved from such lies.

Paradise bound,

with love all around,

in a world of pleasure and plenty.



No need to respond.

If those fight below,

you can sail beyond.

The choice of voice,

the choice of reason,

the choice of doubt

is faiths ultimate treason.

The tree of knowledge

knows all and is clear.

If you wait for your answers…

you will find them all there…


©2012 Louis J.



There’s an elephant chant,

but the elephants can’t pick up the pieces and run.

For in a forced act with a whip and a crack,

they were taught how to stay in line.

They were taught how to dance and taught how to prance,

in the big top state of mind.

If all that you see is the parade,

then all that you saw was the charade.

Behind the scene they were treated so mean

that their spirits had floated aside them.

Around in the ring they would go

tail to trunk in tow.

Dispirited look in their eyes,

as the crowd clapped and looked with surprise.

The truth is easy to see but hard to handle.

So sad to buy up the lie,

and settle for the scandal.


©2012 Louis J. Auslander

Feeding time and there’s a fork in the road.

For what you feed is how you will grow.

For one has hunger, doubt and fear,

as the other is free, unknown and clear.

What do you feed?

Do you want to know?

Which way is easier?

How would you know?

False sense of stability laden with insecurity,

taught this ability forgot about humility.

Outside of thinking do you know?

Is this how the garden grows?

The sun shines in and tells me so,

it lays its light on my very soul.

So how would you get from fear to there?

You’d need different thought than which you adhered.

“Oh, different thought but thats not me!”

Is this how you’re suppose to be?

Go back,

Go back,

to when you knew,

just how special it was to be you!


©2012 Louis J. Auslander




she was gone to long,

out to late.




all those fake smiles turned

to frown.




felt those emotions as they came.

Emotional ,



calming the soul easing the mind.




feeling the moments each one at a time.



©2012 Louis J. Auslander

For the better part of nothing,

I found a clearing there,

with space to breathe,

a place so freed.

I found my solace there.


For the better part of nothing,

It  is more than blank I see

It is the white,

that frames the sight

around the objects that are to be.



For the better part of nothing,

all sound will travel there

it will amplify and fade

yet always return,

from where it came.


For the better part of nothing,

the non-touch of the touch

the subtle in between,

so light, so soft, so slow

yet felt beyond extreme.



For the better part of nothing,

no boredom do I find.

refreshed, reset,


I found my peace of mind.


©2012 Louis J. Auslander