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This title is a name I came up with for a small deli/cafe that serves a soup of the day and a variety of sliced meat and cheese sandwiches. In Chicago, we would usually call them sub sandwiches. From my understanding in New York City they call them heros. So if any of my readers is looking to open up this type of business venture feel free to use the name. I think it’s a catchy name, with the right service and quality product I think you would do well. If you do though… throw me a little attention by promoting my blog at your deli, that would be kind.

So this is the thought that came to my head when I ran today. Odd to say the least… actually, I have had way more out there thoughts then this when I have been way, way out there on a long run. This is what I am serving today said my brain and I am reiterating it to you with my expansive thought as to why I thought this. So buckle up this will be your first adventure inside my dome we wont go to deep so it shouldn’t be to dangerous. Lace up your shoes because we are going for a run. It was in the mid 30’s when I went out on my run today, decent weather for this time of year. Really windy though, which can make things easier or harder when running depending which way it’s going and which way you’re going. Either way I make the best of it. I ran to the park for todays run, around the perimeter of the park I will go.

One side of the park was a breeze. The wind blew me as I flew like a super hero, perhaps I thought. Then around the bend it hit my side, not to bad. My next turn was a turn for the worse, the head wind was fierce. I dug in, drove and attacked. I used this technique on occasion when the going gets tough, I get tougher and attack. I have done this on hills and inclines many of times with great success. My eyes watering from the wind made it hard to see the flag blowing directly at me as I gazed up at the clouds off in the distance. The flagpole got closer as did the political signs posted along the entrance of the Chicago Park district gymnasium entrance. The windy city came to mind in more ways then one as I passed the signs. No one was outside smoking while commiserating and handing out propaganda for candidates like they were doing last year for the mayoral election. As I got closer I noticed it was early voting for judges, perhaps this does not draw such a crowd. It reminded me of the time a few years back when there was some sort of voting going on and I had to bob and weave between them all as I ran my course. I was feeling cocky and thought it was funny at the time so spontaneously as I ran by I yelled ” Vote for me I’m running! “. I don’t recall if I said this second part or just thought it but it was “I am running my legs, not my mouth!”. I thought all of that as I past the entrance my eyes still winded and watered as I hit the next turn. The outside of the park is  a triangular type shape, this side was very short (maybe 20 yards) which could be thought of as the vertex angle. I had Just finished running the headwind leg around the vertex angle and a turn onto the breeze leg. Somewhere between the flagpole voting signs entrance and the vertex first turn I thought what if I did run for some elected office someday hmm….. I let that float in my dome for a bit then the next thought as I turned and went with the breeze was “Soup.. or… hero”. Or, I guess it was super hero but it was slowed down and half way between thoughts of me running for some elected position which stuck me as odd in itself,  it came out as “soup or hero”. I ran with the breeze thinking what a great name for a deli. What a difference running with the wind was I glided smoothly on the breeze leg with so much less effort. I took my left onto the base which was just some wind on my side. I knew my next turn was going to be there soon, soon enough the wind and I would be doing a different type of dance.