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The winter season had dug me deep within

the unwholesome corridors to the nooks within

the darker rooms.

Through them I sailed delivering the light

blinding the demons out of the night.

Oh, the winter dance was one of

love and plenty brightening and

warming those cold emptied rooms.

Spring cleaning has begun,

letting go of all that winter rust that once weighed me down.

I need not travel with such,

on the long winding roads of my running days.

The space that I created so light and free to embrace

the season of great offerings, the season of newness,

the season of new beginnings!

©2012 Louis J. Auslander

The robins and seagulls have returned,

as the tulip shoots have sprung from the underground.

The days are getting longer , all of nature is

gradually wakening from its winter slumber.

The fly, much to slow on the windowsill

awakened to early, then put to rest for

good by the dog who digests this annoying flutter.

The air is different, the silence of the winter is

slowly being replaced by the song of birds.

As I lay basking in the sun of spring, absorbing

all the nuances of nature as they are becoming anew.

The raucous crying of a colony of gulls opens my eyes.

It’s hard to tell wether they are teasing or crying, laughing or dying.

I block the sun with my hand and look into the sky high above,

I witness the hawk patiently gliding round and round the colony with

wings spread out. The gulls going up and down, in and out, in all directions

as are their cries. The hawk well composed circles the colony with great patience and pose.

I revel in my embodiment, my newness, my oneness

with all that is around me, that is of me, below me,

and above me. I welcome the awakening!



© 2012 Louis J. Auslander

Oh fall, with your stench of death and decay,

lead us to the darkest and coldest of seasons.

Into the winter we go bundled up and readied to embrace,

these parts of ourselves.

For this is the season of inner growth, the season of understanding.

We find the light within us to guide our way,

as the roots run deep beneath the earths surface,

as seeds lie frozen

and asleep, awaiting the thaw of spring.

These seeds have been planted long ago.

We wait with the patience of winter,

we wait in the dormant state…

We wait until the glorious thawing of spring,

then all will come anew!

© 2012 Louie J. Auslander