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The hardest thing to do may be to change your mind.

Despite how difficult it may be it is much better than living

in a mind that is not at peace. You owe it to yourself to live

in a world of peace and love. That world starts within your mind.

Break free of what we are not an become whom we have always been.

Change is not about becoming something new it is about becoming

comfortable in being whom you have always been.

Take away the hate, take away the fear, take away any addictions

or behaviors that do not serve you in your highest form.

Chop away at what you are not and then you will find whom

you have always been. A true warrior will find that he was his

own enemy. Being the peace and love that is your birthright

and true existence will clear away what you are not in doing so

finding the pure love that you have always been and will

forever be…

© Louis J. Auslander 7/10/14

When you are tired of attack.

Learn to pause…

before you react.

Listen to your heart to guide you so.


When you learn there is no need to defend,

the truth then becomes your friend.

That certain sadness of another,

can you soften it for your brother…

extend a heart of help to clear his view.


“No need to fight to prove I’m right!”

For Pete sake those lyrics were great.

Turn it up and contemplate…




Can they hear ?


“The kids are alright”

He whispered,

“No need to fear.”

The truth sings true,

through all the years…


© 2012 Louis J. Auslander